Walz DUAL-PAM-100 P700 & Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measuring System

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The DUAL-PAM-100 measuring system lifts the parallel recording of photosystem II and photosystem I activities to a new level. The outstanding electronics of the DUAL-PAM-100 are the result of more than 25 years of experience with the PAM-101/102/103 chlorophyll fluorometer combined with exceptional modern engineering and craftsmanship.

Essentially, the DUAL-PAM-100 possesses both the properties of a high performance PAM chlorophyll fluorometer and that of a dual wavelength absorbance spectrometer.

DUAL-PAM-100 instruments can simultaneously measure a single-channel signal (e.g., chlorophyll fluorescence) and a two-channel signal (e.g. P700- dependent absorption changes at 820 nm relative to 870 nm). Also, a single wavelength and a dual wavelength absorption signal can be concurrently measured as in the case of the P515/535 setup for parallel determination of the electrochromic band shift and scattering changes.

For the DUAL-PAM-100, a ground-breaking pulse-modulation technique has been developed. This new technique forms the basis for measuring pairs of signals concurrently and at outstandingly high time resolution.